Do you sometimes feel lost in the shuffle of your life? Responsibilities of making a living, of having to be strong and fearless and never falling off your white horse? All under the veil of bravery and courage, is there still a fear of not being good enough or not measuring up?

It’s really no wonder, as men, like women, have been wounded as children by situations and often caregivers. Men tend to hold this wounded- ness inside and wound others or themselves with violence, power, and they suffer with anxiety or have developed addictions that primarily began out of numbing emotional pain. 

If you are one of these men, and tired of covering up or “faking it”, we are here to help.

          A men’s group is forming now!

While they are few and far between, Mind Works on Call in Pinellas County, Fl. is forward thinking in developing help for men. We will help you heal from overwhelming self-doubt, fear, shame and addictions that you have been living with every day.

Benefits of a Group

increased self-esteem more honest relationships

successful outcomes in business

feeling supported by peers

finally getting a sense of connection and belonging

less expensive than individual sessions

For Men Only who struggle with sex/love and substance addictions, anger, anxiety, depression and shame. This group is a golden opportunity for you to finally meet your authentic self so you can be true to you and those who love you. Make a commitment to yourself.   

We do not take insurance for this group.

This is the only way we can assure your privacy and keep insurance companies and your job out of your records and business.

We are happy to provide you with a certificate of completion for court or legal reasons as needed.

Call for an initial low-cost assessment to see if this group is right for you.

First group session begins Wed. June 21 2017

12 -week commitment. $55 per session. Discount for pre-payment.