We donned our combat boots and flack jackets 18 months ago. We carried pictures of our loved ones in the breast pocket of our coat and a pack of cigs in the top of our socks. Boots on the ground defending our territory from hate, intolerance, divisiveness, and sexism. Some of our troops fought harder and some lost the battle and those things we were defending against.

Those of us that were stronger together for love not hate, for tolerance not anger, for good not violence, for a solid policy and a safe future were bombarded with a grenade blast on Nov 8th.

On Nov 9th we are still standing a bit unsteady, with holes in our fatigues, shell-shocked from the ravages of war. We find ourselves in despair and denial, anger and depression, hard to get out of bed and live our lives in this Trumped up world we now find ourselves in. There are people, even loved ones that are going on without us as we try to re-orient ourselves back to a place we thought was home and safe. We are crying, shrieking, protesting, cursing, and holding our heads in our hands and wondering why these senseless wars keep happening.

We will live through these post-war wounds the best that we can, one boot in front of the other.

Happy Veteran’s Day to ALL who served.  us-flag-left-menu

I am Renee Michaels and I approve this message.

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