On the Pulse of Morning

I write this today with a heavy heart as those of you who read this.

On the balmy morning of Sunday June 12th 2016, a hate crime was committed in Orlando, Fl. at a place to be known as a gay night club. The Americans inside were enjoying  a celebration of pride in dance and friendship. They were minding their own.

Fifty Americans died in this crime at this writing and fifty-three were wounded and some critically. Those of us not there, have been tuned to our TV’s all over the country and beyond. I have received Facebook posts as far as Australia with condolences and misunderstandings of how we govern and make law in our great America, particularly our gun laws and love of guns.

Some now want to blame our President, but the truth is how we make laws has nothing to do with the president. POTUS has been campaigning for stricter gun laws since the terrible crisis at Sandy Hook.

It dawns on me that since we have been in this presidential campaign there has been a lot of verbal criminalizing of minorities in our America more than I have ever experienced since I have been able to vote. Mexicans, Muslims and women have been the center of the racist and sexist rants from one particular person who is rallying in the polls. I cannot help but wonder if  this hate speech and rhetoric inspires  more hate in our stratosphere that would cause these fringe thinkers to create such heinous crimes?  This racism and horrific rhetoric as well as the person(s) disseminating it are being venerated by some.


From a background of Judeo-Christian views and values, I wonder what Jesus would say to these people who spew hate and terror across our land? I wonder what he would say to those who would want a hate-monger in the highest office in The United States of America?



On the Pulse of a New Morning, what will we be, what will we do and what will we say to our brothers and sisters of all stripes?

Will we stand rooted in our convictions of love, pride and hope like a stalwart tree bending in rough storms but firmly planted? Or will we become uprooted by hate?

No matter who we are, how we dress, or worship or who we love, we know this:     LOVE TRUMPS HATE


Be well~



Please donate blood if you can or donate money to the Human Rights Campaign in behalf of the Orlando shooting


Thank you





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