Grief Reloaded: The New PTSD

     Every time there is a major terrorist or domestic crime/event, we the people experience a grief reload.

     Lately, in our country and across our borders, we  have been inundated with attacks with many times, mass causalities. Lately, there has only been 2 days in between these heinous crimes. As a population, all over the world, none of us are immune to these killings, we have without our permission, been inoculated with societal/cultural Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


     With these experiences comes a whole lot of grief. We can’t recover from our grief, before we are blasted with another event. Even small local events when innocent people are killed by  “protect and serve” law enforcement and on the other hand angry zealots with no coping skills killing our police. Even innocent children are caught in the cross fires of a drive by or a terrorist attack.

     Every time this happens, I find myself crying in front of the TV. But this weekend, a personal grief reload came to roost on my heart when I lost my dear friend of 22 years. After making arrangements with her lawyer, calling all friends and family members, I found myself walking around feeling like I was looking out of someone else’s lenses. Shock, numbness comes like a drive-by shooting, unaware and out of the blue.

     Locally and around the world others will lose their loved ones as sickness and old age takes its toll on the body. Those left behind experience the shock and denial of a loved one’s passing. Anger will surface through the ashes of our memories and we will feel the pain of our loss like being dropped in a bucket of bleach, as all of the color runs out of our lives. Finally, we accept this fate as none of us get out of this alive. It quickly reminds us of our own mortality, which causes us more feelings of despair.

Common Ground


     We, by our humanity, have common experiences and emotions. We experience grief in the skin of different colors, sexual orientation or languages, but we all experience grief.

     Grief is Universal.

     The one thing we cannot do and must not do, is become so desensitized to this senseless war of terror and crime, that we forget and turn a blind eye to one another’s grief, no matter how it happens, so that we  become apathetic. One day, it will happen to us. It will be our grief.

What can we do?

 Respect our differences and unite in our humanness! Love from the heart!


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~Be well~








    Wow! This is so true. I will add that our media and politicians use our trauma to manipulate us.

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