When you walk into my door in Clearwater, you may expect to become the extraordinary you that you were meant to be. However, you have to make a commitment to yourself and to your therapy.


Together we will help you identify the current problem you are experiencing and then take a thorough assessment. Usually, the problem we are experiencing right now, is only a symptom of something bigger and maybe older.

We will then identify where you want to go, what you want to accomplish in therapy.

I will then set about to lead you to a path and give you the tools where you can work out life on life’s terms anytime, not just when you are sitting with me.

Here is what you need to do to be successful in therapy.

An ideal client:

*will work as hard as a hard-working therapist

*show up to every session prepared for success (bring your notebook and homework)

*one that has intention to learn new and different ways to be successful in relationships, business and life

*expects to invest in therapy commiserate with the education AND experience of the therapist

*an ideal client respects our time together and respects personal and professional boundaries

*a client who wishes to learn new skills/tools to lead them to success

*a client who wishes to alleviate roadblocks to their success

*the ideal client commits to work as long as it takes to glean the success they desire


Fees and Insurance

I think it is important for you to know that you can use your health insurance for counseling. When you do this however, you will receive a diagnosis that will go to the insurance company. Insurance companies require a diagnosis for payment. Therefore, I cannot keep your diagnosis confidential to them. Using insurance for mental health treatment can prevent you from getting life insurance and disability insurance.

The best way to pay for counseling is private pay, or out-of-pocket. This assures your complete confidentiality to diagnosis and treatment. You would not be obliged to any insurance company for keeping the number of sessions they allow you or time-limits.



If I do not take your insurance, you may pay privately and request a Superbill whereby you can send it to your insurance company and possibly receive out of network benefit reimbursement. When you pay privately, you pay confidentially. Further, you can choose how much treatment you receive and the time you engage in therapy for each session.

I do not accept insurance for couple’s therapy. The charge is $150 for one hour. You may design your own session by time. I do one hour and one and a half hour sessions.

Your first visit will be this welcoming and relaxing!