Pain sucks. On that, we can all agree. But no, this will not be one of those feel good blog posts about how pain makes you stronger or “in 7 days do this and you will be pain-free.” I call bullshit on that.

Further, pain itself is a multi-billion dollar business, both in loss of productivity in the workplace and a gain for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Who really wants to or can solve this thing called pain?

I can tell you as a person with chronic pain for the last 29 years, there is no damn cure for it. Unless there is some type of surgical procedure that miraculously dis-ruptures a disc or replaces a neck. Like Nora Ephron, I feel bad about my neck, but not for the same reason she did.

                                        Why This Pain

I have had my share and somebody else’s of car accidents, 99% of which were not my fault but the low back and neck does not know that, nor does it care one wit. It just continues to feel the impact of those physical traumas long past the date of occurrence. The difference is who pays for the straightening and fixin’ of my car and the treatment to my body, which unfortunately does not look or feel near as good as the paint job on my car once it is all said and done.

The other thing I do not like is these so-called pain experts writing books and us poor fools laying out another $19.99 for a promise of pain relief. Nope. It just feels like desperation, like seeing a video on Facebook of a guru who is selling a way to transform your financial situation, except you still have to do the work to make it happen and these results are not natural, normal or typical or maybe even possible. Unless of course, you are super human with nothing else to do and have tired of living in your parents basement/garage/tent in the backyard. Bug bites suck too. The only financial situation being transformed is the guru selling you his brand of snake oil. I just as soon rub that eu du pain away all over my body in hopes I would begin speaking in tongues or could slither my way out of my pain-stricken body.

                  The Medical Community and Pain Relief

Look, I do not want to be pessimistic, too late, I want to give a shout out to all the physicians who care about us, but really are at the bottom of their doctor kits as far as how to help us. If they could walk a mile in our shoes, they may want to try harder to find a way to help. Most of us who seek medical care are not only telling the truth abut our discomfort but are not drug addicts jonesing for our next hit.

Here is the thing though we have to be proactive, not reactive, not a victim of our pain, but an advocate for ourselves in the medical community for what is possible no matter how small.

If you have had discomfort in your body for any appreciable length of time, you have become an expert on you, your body and your pain. You know how to get yourself as comfortable as possible, what behaviors to employ to decrease your chances of feeling sick and tired. Surely by now, like me, you have partnered with alternative healers that help you with body mechanics, with balancing your axis of your body or your chakras and rub you the right way. The collection of ice packs in your freezer have taken over the waffle section and the different size heating pads lie patiently over your headboard always plugged in to be on the ready.

With all of those tools, behaviors, and helpers in your arsenal, you have the most important asset in your battle with your pain, and that is you.

Your strength, perseverance, and tenacity and the fact that you never give up is your greatest ally. Remember, you are a formidable opponent and the most prepared soldier. I salute you.

A Chinese soldier with the People’s Liberation Army waits to assist with American and Chinese delegation’s traffic at Shenyang training base, China, Mar. 24, 2007. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. D. Myles Cullen (released)


                        Be well~


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