I am a psychotherapist, creator, lover of dogs and I am a person with chronic pain for the last thirty years, located in Clearwater, Florida, in beautiful Pinellas County. I help people who might be missing the mark in their lives and who may have tried traditional therapy with not much long-lasting success.

Do you find yourself in a rut with no way out?

I have been preparing my entire adult life to help you find the path you are looking for. Be ready for an honest therapist with a honed BS meter and mad clinical skills.

Together, we will identify the “right” path for you, and walk the road together to move you from ordinary to extraordinary by coloring outside the lines of most traditional therapy. You will get the benefit of my years of practice, education and skills. What I ask from an ideal client is that they take this journey seriously. I won’t be your friend, I will be your cheerleader, teacher and professional therapist and I won’t “nod” you to death and ask you “how do you feel about that.” Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work?

We will do the work it takes to get you on the “right” path to success that was meant for you!

Some of my specialties include:

  • marital counseling
  • anxiety counseling
  • depression counseling
  • sexual addiction
  • chronic pain
  • men’s issues
  • mindfulness based stress reduction

Fees and Insurance

I think it is important for you to know that you can use your health insurance for counseling. When you do this however, you will receive a diagnosis that will go to the insurance company. Insurance companies require a diagnosis for payment. Therefore, I cannot keep your diagnosis confidential to them. Using insurance for mental health treatment can prevent you from getting life or disability insurance and a security clearance.

The best way to pay for counseling is private pay, or out-of-pocket. This assures your complete confidentiality to diagnosis and treatment. You would not be obliged to any insurance company for limited number of sessions they allow you or time-limits in treatment.

stairs-720604_1280I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Ph.D in Clinical Sexology. Through many years experience working with differing populations, I have grown the knowledge and compassion to provide you with the most recent researched-based methods of treatment.

My commitment is to the client always and allows the client to benefit in the following ways:

♦quick access to care

♦accepting some insurances


♦the ability to interface with your doctors for continuity
♦vast pharmaceutical knowledge
♦provision of a comfortable, private setting to do your best work
♦providing timely and relevant mental health care
♦development of an individualized treatment plan


I will meet you on the path. Be well.

~ Renee


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